Our Mission

Deborah Lessen Pilates strives to maintain the standard of teaching created by Joseph Pilates, as it was passed to Carola Strauss Trier, and then to Deborah Lessen with integrity, skill, discipline and passion. Through this standard, the legacy of Deborah Lessen has emerged and continues the tradition of Pilates through the teaching of the original syllabus with thought-provoking, additions and developing equipment engineered with thought and specificity.

DLP Equipment

DLP Equipment is steeped in the history of the original equipment as it was designed and used by Joseph Pilates himself.

Equipment serves as the partner to the movement. It provides resistance which encourages strengthening, mobilization, stretching and opposition.

The combination of movements and equipment with proper conscientious teaching are how to get the desired effect.

The spotlight has to be on how you feel and live in your body. The exercises are your vehicle to access the desired feeling, the desired effect.

To get there is coupling the exercises with discipline, integrity, learning to work deeply and being diligent about your commitment to the work, yourself, the process.

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