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The Greene Street Studio’s mission is to offer the highest quality training in the Pilates method. Ms. Lessen’s mentor was first generation teacher Carola Strauss Trier, with whom she studied and worked from 1980 to 1984. Her other major influences are Martha Graham and Irene Dowd, plus many years of learning from and sharing with colleagues in the Pilates community. The result is training that reflects movement intuition, developments in movement science and constant reevaluation and commitment to the Pilates philosophy.

The Greene Street Studio was founded in 1983. It is a full-service studio, which nurtures a broad base of clients in the Pilates method for general conditioning, performance specific training, injury prevention and post-rehabilitation.

New clients, regardless of prior training, begin with an introductory/evaluation session. Goals and an individualized program are established after this session and the program is updated as the client’s needs and skill level change.

Training begins one-on-one with the teacher until the client is relatively independent. At the discretion of the teacher, the client can graduate to duet and semi-private sessions while maintaining his/her individualized program.

Referrals come from clients, doctors, physical and massage therapists and other studios. The intake process may indicate the need for a medical diagnosis or doctor’s consent to establish safe parameters to begin training.

All sessions are by appointment. Please call the studio at 212.431.4284 or email: for scheduling and information.

As a professional dancer who is still going strong at age 53, I unquestionably attribute much of my longevity to my training with Deborah Lessen at her Greene Street Studio.

I'm fortunate to have been studying with her for over 20 years.

Deborah has a depth and breadth of knowledge that seem limitless, and an uncannily sharp eye for the detail and nuance of her clients' work, as well as the 'big picture'.

I have known few teachers in my life - in any field - as gifted as Deborah is in imparting guidance with such clarity and efficacy.

Over the years she has given me an incredibly strong foundation upon which to build, and enlightened and deepened my own understanding of my physicality.

I think perhaps the greatest gift of her work for me is to feel that my body is truly safe, both inside her studio and on the road, thanks to the solid ground of her proper, healthy and profound training.

- Paola Styron Dancer / Performer / Director March 16, 2015

Deborah Lessen is truly a master of Pilates. Referred to her by my doctor several years ago, she and her assistant have carefully navigated various injuries and problems. Most importantly through her training I've developed a core strength that is giving me a much higher quality of life and health as I grow older.

- Kate Gardner Coach and Consultant / KickStart, NYC March 16, 2015

It was working with Deborah that clarified much of the Pilates Repetoire for me. I realized I had actually not fully understood most of the Pilates exercises and had no real concept of how to teach them to other people. Luckily. my training with Deb enables me to go back to a client and redefine and enrich the work. This way of teaching creates a true mind/body connection, a concept that often gets lost in teaching Pilates as a body workout alone. Deb makes me think. I like that, I pass it on and find that my clients like that too.

Deborah Lessen is like no other I have worked with and after all this time, I am still learning!

- Gail Giovanniello Mind Your Body, New York City March 16, 2015

Being in Deborah's studio is a complete different experience. She custom made her beautiful equipment specially for Pilates use to correct postures and improve strength. The springs are strong but they enable the body to create a sense of support as as lengthening. They increase proprioception because there is so much feedback and accuracy from the working muscles. I learn a lot from her.

- Mary Low Hong Kong March 16, 2015