Deborah’s springs have just the right balance! When stretched, the spring yields with sufficient resistance to the working muscles and when recoiled it maintain good resistance as the muscles contract eccentrically.

I’ve been using Deborah’s springs for my Reformer and Cadillac for the past 4 years and I wish I had the same kind of springs also for the Wunda Chair…The spring are in perfect accord with the muscles.

- Keren Peer Keren Peer Pilates Studio / Tel Aviv March 16, 2015

Deborah’s springs? Love them! Why? Well, during the leg spring series with hips down her custom springs provide more resistance from a lower body challenge. For example, they provide extra support for the magician series, so that the client can maintain and elevated position longer without straining. There is a tighter more fluid feel to her springs compared with the equipment manufacturer springs. It would be a shame it I was not able to access her springs as they are used a lot in my studio.

- Laure Felton Integrative Pilates / Miami March 16, 2015

It is customary to say “you must dance with the springs.” This means the springs are supposed to be long enough to feel “breath” but not so much that you may lose control. They must be strong enough to give support and just the right amount of resistance to generate power and energy. No doubt that Deborah Lessen’s springs allow me to dance with them.

- Tamar Tsachi New York Studio Tamar / Tel Aviv March 10, 2015

Deborah’s springs are the best I have ever used. First of all they last forever!! They are made correctly and have never broken or failed. I don’t know why the others can’t figure it out but Deborah has the secret! I like the leg springs because the side to strength ratio is perfect. It’s a strong spring but at the same time not big and bulky. I use the chair/reformer/cadillac spring as well and that is a super spring. I love it for tower end of caillac. Arm press and leg press series perfect with these springs.

- Kathryn Herring BE Pilates Coconut Grove March 10, 2015

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